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Video Art Exhibitions

Art events that satisfy

There is nothing our artists take greater pleasure in than a crowd enjoying their work. We have a talent for finding the right artists, partners and event spaces to get an audience engaged and grooving, and can assure your next event will be one your guests won’t soon forget. Contact us to learn about our available dates and rates, and to schedule a consultation.

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Events & Screenings

Personal, Professional and artistic

Let`s bring some ART in the mix! Whether you are running a film festival or a business conference on Software development, we can add a touch of art that is unforgettable. PORT ACTIF can work with all kinds of spaces and customize a presentation of exceptional video work that can inspire people from all backgrounds.

Artist Database & management

Artists You’ll Love

Over the years we have established a network of galleries, artist collectives, and musea that welcome a collaboration. We also have our own database of video art for immediate access. Our selection always consists of valuable work, whether established or young and upcoming.
For newcomers, we have certain criteria to uphold the quality of work presented to our clients.

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Featured Video

Artist in the Spotlight

David O`Reilly is one of the most eclectic young contemporary video and multimedia artists. He has won dozens of awards at top film festivals, and recently exhibited at the MoMA. David has previously lended his work for PORT ACTIF screenings and met with us at the Berlinale in 2017. He is currently working on a mysterious video game titled "EVERYTHING" available on PS4

Paul Heyvaert

“VIDEO ART ATTACK! was simply perfect, and a lot of it had to do with the wonderful concept arranged by PORT ACTIF. We had full attendance over the weekend and guests were intrigued. We highly recommend working with PORT ACTIF!”

Pol Heyvaert - CAMPO